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Coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a passion! For connoisseurs of java, we have curated a selection of the finest artisanal coffees. May you never have to wake up and smell sub-par coffee again!

Blue tokai coffee – vienna roast arabica

Blue Tokai Coffee – Vienna Roast Arabica

4.75out of 5
Low acidity with bittersweet notes
Sleepy owl coffee assorted cold brew

Sleepy Owl Coffee Assorted Cold Brew

5.00out of 5
3 Step Brew | Cold Brew Coffee
Bevzilla 10 instant coffee cubes

Bevzilla 10 Instant Coffee Cubes

0out of 5
100% Arabica Coffee | Vegan | Zero Refined…
Tgl co. Euphoria instant coffee powder

TGL Co. Euphoria Instant Coffee Powder

0out of 5
Thick, powerfully tannic, and ample in the mouth
Country bean instant coffee powder

Country Bean Instant Coffee Powder

5.00out of 5
Country Bean Instant Coffee Powder - Hazelnut
Rage coffee – premium 100% ethiopian arabica

Rage Coffee – Premium 100% Ethiopian Arabica

0out of 5
Instant Coffee Crystals Infused with Vitamins

Tea Treasure Chest

If you believe that fine teas and tea blends should be an everyday indulgence, you’ve got a friend in us.

Kapiva ayurvedic green tea – helps detox

Kapiva Ayurvedic Green Tea – Helps Detox

0out of 5
Helps Detox, Weight Loss & Body Cleansing
The indian chai – organic spearmint

The Indian Chai – Organic Spearmint

0out of 5
The minty freshness of peppermint will rejuvenate your…
The tea heaven- kashmiri kahwa

The Tea Heaven- Kashmiri Kahwa

0out of 5
Tea Gift Pack-Blended with Saffron, Almonds, Spices
Typhoo stimulating adrak chai

Typhoo Stimulating Adrak Chai

0out of 5
The piquant coppery brew, rich in the body
Zoh probiotics kombucha –  probiotic tea

Zoh Probiotics Kombucha – Probiotic Tea

0out of 5
No Nature Identical Flavours | Sparkling Probiotic Tea
Peepal farm handcrafted kombucha

Peepal Farm Handcrafted Kombucha

0out of 5
Fermented Tea | Gluten-Free | 100% Natural &…
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Fresh and Cold Pressed Juices

Who says health and great taste don’t go hand in hand? Have you checked out our fine selection of fresh and cold-pressed juices? They come loaded with vitamins, minerals and good times!

Raw pressery juice, pomegranate

Raw Pressery Juice, Pomegranate

0out of 5
Improves blood flow and is rich in iron
Boldveda noni juice ( kokum juice)

BOLDVEDA Noni Juice ( Kokum Juice)

0out of 5
Immunity Support & Energy Support For Men &…
Boldfit boldveda wheatgrass juice

Boldfit Boldveda Wheatgrass Juice

0out of 5
No added artificial taste enhancers or refined sugar
Raw pressery coconut water – no water added

Raw Pressery Coconut Water – No water added

0out of 5
Not reconstituted from powders & does not contain…
Gourmet place nutty yogi

Nutty Yogi: How Pallavi Gupta is changing the perspective of organic food

Pallavi Gupta is a woman of few words and plentiful action. As the Founder & CEO of Nutty Yogi, she is revolutionizing the organic food industry by re-imagining the way clean food is being consumed.

“Organic food need not be boring. At Nutty Yogi, we have consciously made our food exciting,” she says.

read more…

Cookies & Crackers

Bewildered by the choices and options in the market? That’s where we come in!

Nutty yogi masala khakhra crisps

Nutty Yogi Masala Khakhra Crisps

0out of 5
Khakhra | Methi Flavour | Indian Food and…
Nutty yogi soya twisters chips i soya sticks

Nutty Yogi Soya Twisters Chips I Soya Sticks

0out of 5
Soya Sticks I Guilt-free I Crunchy Cracker
Nutty yogi gluten free masala quinoa chips

Nutty Yogi Gluten Free Masala Quinoa Chips

0out of 5
Healthy Snack for Tea Time | High in…
Nutty yogi ragi chips

Nutty Yogi Ragi Chips

5.00out of 5
100% Vegan & Gluten-Free | Crunchy, Spicy, Delicious
Taali protein puffs | pudina punch

Taali Protein Puffs | Pudina Punch

0out of 5
Gluten Free | No Maida, No Trans Fat,…
Ketofy – keto cheese crackers

Ketofy – Keto Cheese Crackers

0out of 5
These diabetic snacks are very low in carbohydrates
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Dry Fruits

There’s nothing nuts about liking dry fruits! They’re delicious, healthy, and loaded with a variety of nutrients! Allow us to guide you to the best quality dry fruits.

Nutty yogi very berry antioxidant trail mix

Nutty Yogi Very Berry Antioxidant Trail Mix

0out of 5
A combination of berries fusion with Indian spices
Nutty yogi premium jumbo brazil nuts

Nutty Yogi Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts

0out of 5
Rich in Iron | No Preservative
Nutraj super food mix

Nutraj Super Food Mix

0out of 5
Antioxidant-rich ingredients to cleanse your body
Paper boat vintage achari nuts & berries

Paper Boat Vintage Achari Nuts & Berries

0out of 5
Himalayan Pink Salt, Premium Dry Fruit Mix
Paper boat smoked and roasted mixed nuts

Paper Boat Smoked and Roasted Mixed Nuts

0out of 5
Is it really achar if it isn’t raw…
Himalayan natives 100% natural almonds

Himalayan Natives 100% Natural Almonds

0out of 5
100% natural almonds are a protein-rich healthful food.

Artisanal Choclates

There are very few luxuries in life that compare to the exquisiteness of fine, handcrafted chocolates. Experience the best artisanal chocolates with us.

The whole truth dark chocolate

The Whole Truth Dark Chocolate

0out of 5
No Added Sugar, Sweetened Only with Dates
Artisanté | dark 65% chocolate bar

Artisanté | Dark 65% Chocolate Bar

0out of 5
Cold Brew, Coffee, Hazelnuts | Artisanal Fine Chocolate
Mason & co. 70% cacao dark chocolate

Mason & Co. 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate

0out of 5
Roasted and cracked cacao beans
Luvit cocoism belgian dark chocolates

LuvIt Cocoism Belgian Dark Chocolates

0out of 5
Decadent, Intense, Rich | Vegan | Gluten Free
Chokola french biscuit chocolate bar

Chokola French Biscuit Chocolate Bar

0out of 5
100% Couverture Chocolate | Vegan Chocolates
Ambriona daarzel treats milk chocolate

Ambriona Daarzel Treats Milk Chocolate

0out of 5
A perfect milk cocoa bar gift pack for…

Spreads & Dips

And the award for the best supporting role goes to…

Spice story dilliwalli mint chutney

Spice Story Dilliwalli Mint Chutney

0out of 5
Fresh Pudina Chutney with Chilli and Spices
The khao project masala hummus dip

The Khao Project Masala Hummus Dip

0out of 5
Preservative and Additive free, Made with Olive oil
Wingreens farms peri garlic dip

Wingreens Farms Peri Garlic Dip

0out of 5
The perfect creamy accompaniment for snacks
The gourmet jar raspberry strawberry

The Gourmet Jar Raspberry Strawberry

0out of 5
Gluten-Free | Nut-Free | No Transfats
The gourmet jar sundried tomato garlic spread

The Gourmet Jar Sundried Tomato Garlic Spread

0out of 5
Bread and Pizza - Spicy Dip with Naga…
Sprig banana and caramel banoffee

Sprig Banana and Caramel Banoffee

0out of 5
Milk-based Sweet Spread| No Hydrogenated Vegetable fats

Sauces & Condiments

Stocking the right sauces and condiments in your pantry is often the first step to a great meal. We recommend a range of essential condiments that will ‘spice up’ your cooking, from classics like the standard chili sauce to innovative chutneys and masalas.

Moi soi sichuan chilli oil

MOI SOI Sichuan Chilli Oil

0out of 5
Dipping Sauce | Spread - Stir Fry Cooking…
Bomb foods spice peanut hot sauce

Bomb Foods Spice Peanut Hot Sauce

0out of 5
Medium Spicy | Red Hot Sauce | Made…
Orchard lane organic tomato ketchup

Orchard Lane Organic Tomato Ketchup

0out of 5
Certified Organic | No Preservatives or ChemicalsCertified Organic…
Leanbeing – white sesame tahini paste

Leanbeing – White Sesame Tahini Paste

0out of 5
Yummy as a topping on your favorite salad…
Gusto foods vegan mustard kasundi sauce

Gusto Foods Vegan Mustard Kasundi Sauce

0out of 5
Authentic Pungent Mustard Sauce | Traditional Bengali
The honey shop –  bliss gift hamper

THE HONEY SHOP – Bliss Gift Hamper

0out of 5
Natural & Unique, Packed in Hand Crafted Pine…